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Monday, February 29, 2016

Anti-Virus Tips: What You Can Do TODAY To Protect Your Computer

As viruses continue to spread around the internet, it is becoming increasingly important that you have some kind of

computer virus protection

. Online computer viruses can be anything from an annoying joke that can slow your computer down to a virus that erases your hard disk. Regardless of the severity of the virus, it is vital that you are aware of them and know how to protect yourself from online computer viruses.

The best computer virus protection is anti-virus software of some sort. Every computer should have anti-virus software because of the amount of viruses that are spread throughout the internet today. You are putting yourself and your computer in great harm if you don’t have software for protection. There are a number of different anti-virus software that you can find on the internet, but two of the leading software are Symantec Norton anti-virus and MacAfee anti-virus.

It is important that you realize new online computer viruses are discovered every month. Too many people believe that if they have software protection for a year, they will be ok after their subscription expires. The problem is your software is continuously updating as new updates are found, so you are putting your computer at risk if you don’t renew your subscription after a year.

Besides from downloading

computer virus protection software

, the best thing you can do to prevent computer viruses is be aware. Today there are more viruses being sent through e-mail. The best way to protect yourself from this is to not open e-mails with attachments unless you are expecting an e-mail. It can even be risky opening the e-mail if you know the sender because many viruses use a person’s address book to spread viruses.

Another way an online computer virus can get on your computer is through you downloading certain files or programs on the internet. You should never download software from the internet unless you are sure you know what it is you are getting. Again, this is your call but beware of the risks you may be taking to download the software.

The last way you can help avoid online computer viruses is by updating your virus definition files. It is recommended that you do this once every week, but at the minimum it should be done once every month. If you are not sure how to do this, make sure to look online for further directions.

Online computer viruses have become a common problem in our world today and new ones continue to develop. Because of this, it is vital that you are aware of the computer virus protection methods above to keep your computer safe. There is no such thing like

the best anti-virus software

that will pick up every new virus, so the best way to prevent viruses is by being aware. If you do this, your computer should remain safe.

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