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Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to choose a computer

Computer Hardware For most people all over the world computers have become a part of their daily lives. Although they may seem very complex, they are very simple to understand because they are all made of the same components that we call hardware. In this article, we will look at the different types of hardware that you can find in your computer or laptop. As is evident when you visit your local computer shop, you will see that computers now come in different sizes and shapes. Regardless, they all have the same basic hardware in order for them to be able to function properly. These parts are actually the ones that are responsible for most of the tasks carried out by your computer.

1. Hard Drive

The hard drive is like the basement in your house. It is the ideal place where you can store all of the things that you are currently not using, but may occasionally need. Of course, the bigger the hard drive the more stuff you will be able to store on your computer. Things like pictures, videos, files and different programs that you may need.

2. Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is a

hardware component

in every computer that allows you to store information and stuff that you are currently working on. It reduces the time it takes to be constantly accessing stuff from your hard drive as you work. Ultimately your computer will run faster, when it effectively uses its RAM. Plus you do not have to worry about cleaning up your RAM it is done automatically every time you shut down your computer or laptop.

3. Processor

This component is the one that ensures that everything running on your computer is running smoothly. This is probably one of the tiniest parts in your computer. However it performs the bulk of the tasks. It is responsible for sending and receiving information, completes all the tasks you ask of the computer and at the same time it instructs your software to work when you open it. It just makes sense that the faster your processor, the faster your computer will be.

There you have it the basics on the main hardware that runs your computer. Now you know exactly what is happening as you use your computer. You also know what component you need to purchase should you need more storage, quick access memory or if you want your computer to generally run faster. As you can see,

computer hardware

is not as complicated as most people think it is.

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