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Saturday, March 3, 2012

RoboForm - the best password manager

Hi there. Do you have a lot of different passwords? Do you often forget your passwords in each website? If the answers to both of this question are "YES", then you should continue reading this article.

RoboForm is the best

password manager

, that could meet any personal need. It could help you:

1) If you have different passwords for most of the websites you are using;
2) If you want to auto-fill information data into a lot of websites;
3) If you would want to login AUTOMATICALLY with just a click of a button;
4) Get a better and very well-organised list of all your websites;
5) Place all your bookmarks in a list and into different categories;

You will see the amazing power of RoboForm. And ... It is free! You can login with your

username and password

automatically when you just click a button. The software would fit almost all browsers (it is mostly used in Mozilla Firefox). This is an example how it looks:

Password autofill

You can auto fill your details very easy and it couldn't be easier! I think it is time to stop getting confused what was your password here, what was your password there... Save all your login information in ONE software easy and free!

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