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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Online Identity Theft: Avoiding Fradulent Emails

If you have ever received any fraudulent emails asking for personal information, then you are one of several million people that have received such a thing. Email fraud has become an ongoing problem over the past several years, and unfortunately it is only growing as we become more knowledgeable with computers. Because of this, it is vital that you are aware of how to protect yourself from fraudulent emails.

The best way to prevent fraudulent emails is by stopping them from attaining your email address. This is extremely difficult to do since people are becoming extremely sophisticated with computers today. However, if you create a separate email for posting online as oppose to using your main email to post online, this will cut down on the amount of email fraud you receive.

It is often recommended that you create temporary email addresses that expire after an extended period of time. This will make it difficult for spammers to get your email address and send you too many fraudulent emails. This can become annoying for you as well, but it may be worth the trouble to avoid accidentally releasing personal information. You can create such accounts through Spambox and Mailexpire.

Prevent fraud emails

The first step to protecting yourself from email fraud if they do have your email address is to be aware of unknown addresses and/or subject messages. If you are not expecting mail from unidentified addresses, than don’t open them. Along the same lines, it is important that you never open attachments without knowing for certain what is in the attachment. Fraudulent emails often send viruses in the form of an attachment.

Aside from being aware of unknown email, there are several other things you can do and learn

how to prevent email fraud

. You should never provide personal information in response to an unsolicited request over the internet or phone. Doing so is only setting you up for fraud. If you believe the request is legitimate, contact the institution yourself using contact information you have verified.

To decrease the likelihood of you receiving and responding to fraudulent emails, you should always have an antivirus software(check the tool CompuClever Antivirus PLUS, that is pretty strong against computer viruses) and also a firewall. These are great programs that can prevent email fraud, but will certainly not block all. In order to get the best results out of your programs, make sure you constantly update them to ensure they are compatible for the most recent viruses and worms.

Fraudulent emails are spread on a daily basis and are only increasing in number. If you are aware of the various ways you can prevent spammers from getting your email in the first place, you can eliminate the amount of fraudulent emails you receive. However, it is difficult to prevent all emails, so make sure you know how to identify these emails to prevent email fraud from happening to you.

It's advisable to often scan your computer with a tool like Regserve that will Eliminate Registry Errors Automatically.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Anti-Virus Tips: What You Can Do TODAY To Protect Your Computer

As viruses continue to spread around the internet, it is becoming increasingly important that you have some kind of

computer virus protection

. Online computer viruses can be anything from an annoying joke that can slow your computer down to a virus that erases your hard disk. Regardless of the severity of the virus, it is vital that you are aware of them and know how to protect yourself from online computer viruses.

The best computer virus protection is anti-virus software of some sort. Every computer should have anti-virus software because of the amount of viruses that are spread throughout the internet today. You are putting yourself and your computer in great harm if you don’t have software for protection. There are a number of different anti-virus software that you can find on the internet, but two of the leading software are Symantec Norton anti-virus and MacAfee anti-virus.

It is important that you realize new online computer viruses are discovered every month. Too many people believe that if they have software protection for a year, they will be ok after their subscription expires. The problem is your software is continuously updating as new updates are found, so you are putting your computer at risk if you don’t renew your subscription after a year.

Besides from downloading

computer virus protection software

, the best thing you can do to prevent computer viruses is be aware. Today there are more viruses being sent through e-mail. The best way to protect yourself from this is to not open e-mails with attachments unless you are expecting an e-mail. It can even be risky opening the e-mail if you know the sender because many viruses use a person’s address book to spread viruses.

Another way an online computer virus can get on your computer is through you downloading certain files or programs on the internet. You should never download software from the internet unless you are sure you know what it is you are getting. Again, this is your call but beware of the risks you may be taking to download the software.

The last way you can help avoid online computer viruses is by updating your virus definition files. It is recommended that you do this once every week, but at the minimum it should be done once every month. If you are not sure how to do this, make sure to look online for further directions.

Online computer viruses have become a common problem in our world today and new ones continue to develop. Because of this, it is vital that you are aware of the computer virus protection methods above to keep your computer safe. There is no such thing like

the best anti-virus software

that will pick up every new virus, so the best way to prevent viruses is by being aware. If you do this, your computer should remain safe.

Most of our clients prefer using CompuClever Antivirus PLUS. If you have time, you can check it and see how it can help you cope with viruses: CompuClever Antivirus PLUS

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to choose a computer

Computer Hardware For most people all over the world computers have become a part of their daily lives. Although they may seem very complex, they are very simple to understand because they are all made of the same components that we call hardware. In this article, we will look at the different types of hardware that you can find in your computer or laptop. As is evident when you visit your local computer shop, you will see that computers now come in different sizes and shapes. Regardless, they all have the same basic hardware in order for them to be able to function properly. These parts are actually the ones that are responsible for most of the tasks carried out by your computer.

1. Hard Drive

The hard drive is like the basement in your house. It is the ideal place where you can store all of the things that you are currently not using, but may occasionally need. Of course, the bigger the hard drive the more stuff you will be able to store on your computer. Things like pictures, videos, files and different programs that you may need.

2. Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is a

hardware component

in every computer that allows you to store information and stuff that you are currently working on. It reduces the time it takes to be constantly accessing stuff from your hard drive as you work. Ultimately your computer will run faster, when it effectively uses its RAM. Plus you do not have to worry about cleaning up your RAM it is done automatically every time you shut down your computer or laptop.

3. Processor

This component is the one that ensures that everything running on your computer is running smoothly. This is probably one of the tiniest parts in your computer. However it performs the bulk of the tasks. It is responsible for sending and receiving information, completes all the tasks you ask of the computer and at the same time it instructs your software to work when you open it. It just makes sense that the faster your processor, the faster your computer will be.

There you have it the basics on the main hardware that runs your computer. Now you know exactly what is happening as you use your computer. You also know what component you need to purchase should you need more storage, quick access memory or if you want your computer to generally run faster. As you can see,

computer hardware

is not as complicated as most people think it is.

Now you have the chance to choose a new computer after all these being said. You can do it in Amazon here...

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

IT Analytic Services In Public and Private Sectors

Information Technology plays a vital role in the the public and private sector. Governments collect a tremendous amount of data on consumers, businesses and organizations. Surely, some enterprises can benefit from having very important information on people that make up a certain market. Businesses can use information that is actually available to the public. For example, a tremendous amount of data can be extracted from government websites that are operated on a municipal, state and federal level. The goal of using analytic technology to extract government data is to improve a marketing campaign.

Businesses in every sector can launch more effective advertising campaigns by using loads of statistics that have already been compiled by government departments. For example, the U.S. census offers a tremendous amount of vital information that can be used for smart marketing purposes by businesses. After all, the ultimate goal of reaching out to customers revolves around the concept of demographics. Businesses need to know who is living in their local marketplaces. Marketing is done to reach out to customers based on age, gender, marital status, educational attainment, income and other factors.

Businesses may also want to learn more about some information about specific governments. For example, analytic tools may reveal reports about annual budgets. Surely, a municipality with a balanced budget and a surplus may be a good business partner. After all, governments often hire contractors to get certain projects done such as the building of new infrastructure and facilities. Information on property taxes also provides great insight on the economic climate of a particular community.

There is a tremendous amount of regulation on all types of businesses in the United States. Surely, it is the responsibility of business owners to find out about specific laws that may hinder or boost sales. Analytic tools can extract entire files of legislation that is relevant to a particular sector. The goal of using such Information Technology is to ultimately find a partner that can spend government money on essential projects.

Governments often prefer to work with small businesses rather than giant corporations. Such smart spending habits contribute positively to the overall economy of the United States. Government bids for information technology and other IT services are examples of using databases for smart business operations. These days, it seems that the flow of important information is seamless between the private and public sector in the United States of America.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to create professional 3D graphics?

Hello. Recently I got a lot of questions like

How to create amazing pictures

or any related softwares for mind-blowing images... I did a quick research and found that The Boxshot King is your solution...

Now let me tell you WHY this was my choice for

best way to create cool pictures

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How to make professional 3D graphics
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You can

create COOL 3D graphics easy

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Friday, October 11, 2013

How to clean up your PC

Hello everybody. The recent few months I received many questions like "

How to optimize my PC

", "

How to make my PC work faster

", "

How to find a good registry cleaner?

"... With all those PC problems, I decided to try about 15 different software about registry cleaning, PC optimizers, etc. I am now going to show you the WINNER and WHY I choose PC HealthBoost™ to be the BEST PC optimizer!

1) With only a few clicks it managed to dramatically increase PC's speed and performance!
2) It speeds up PC Startups and Shutdowns!
3) The software scans and removes any critical errors!
4) It repairs any PC problems and prevents Window errors, PC freezes and crashes, Blue screens!
5) You can run automatic scheduled cleanings!
6) It has 24/7 LIVE support where you can receive answers to your questions any time!
7) It's easy to download and install -> in less than 1 minute and it's only 2,7MB.
And much more!!!

Good PC optimizer

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to update drivers automatically

Hello everybody. I have a lot of friends that often have problems with

driver updates

. Now I would like to present you Driver Robot. This system will do ALL this job for you fast and proficiency! First, it will do FAST scan of your system and will identify the right drivers for your PC! Looking manually for drivers is really time-consuming and sometimes you can choose a driver that is not suitable with your PC. Stop worrying about this now! Let me show you a list of drivers that DriverRobot can do for you:

 Sound card drivers
 Printer drivers
 Video card drivers
 Motherboard drivers
 Webcam drivers
 Wireless drivers
 Bluetooth drivers
 FireWire drivers
 Windows XP and Vista drivers
 USB drivers
 Chipset drivers
 DVD drivers
 Router drivers

DriverRobot has a database with MORE THAN 100,000 entries! There isn't any competitor because it's working for thousands of people, it's simply NUMBER1 system that will surely

automatically download latest drivers


Another good thing is that you will have

the latest driver updates

in LESS than 2 minutes!!!
DriverRobot is 100% safe for your PC and will do ALL this job for you and will surely optimize your PC's performance with new drivers. Read more about DriverRobot.

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